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“It is a shame that Amazon, eBay and Wish charge that high for my product…It is my product. I know the cost.” -- Katsumi

In the fall of 2013, we quit our day jobs to start this venture, because we know something in the world is wrong when Katsumi showed us the ring sold on Amazon for $40 costs him only $2.

Everyone can actually have more than he/she think if everything’s price is sold at a price close to the factory one.

We all agree on that and decide to develop the app. By applying our big-data technology to e-commerce (Previously designed for World Health Organization), we are able to find most of the suppliers for Amazon, eBay and Wish and thus sell everything at the factory price.

While the team skews young, our employees have cut their teeth at places like Facebook, Google, J.Crew, and The Gap. It’s a motley group held together by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

Hope you like our product. And feel free to contact us if there are any suggestions.