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This is a short Adventure / Role Playing Game where the objective is to simply destroy a lair of Ratlings which has been plaguing the area. While this first game in the series focuses on melee combat it also includes some extra elements added to the game including healing potions, treasure, basic fixtures such as furniture and a small information system to allow the player to learn some details about the dungeon they are exploring. Use the virtual joystick for movement. Collide with items to pick them up. The item you are currently equipped with is displayed at the bottom of the screen. To equip different items that you have in your possession press the “CHANGE ITEM” button. To use the item you currently have equipped press the “USE ITEM” button. To attack a monster make sure you have a weapon equipped (by pressing the “CHANGE ITEM” button if needed), face the monster then press the “USE ITEM” button while standing close enough to the monster to hit it with the weapon. To drink a potion make sure a potion is equipped (by pressing the “CHANGE ITEM” button if needed) then press the “USE ITEM” button. The life bar above the character indicates how much health the character has.