Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

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Guided Practices for Safeguarding and Enhancing Your Energetic Health
Just as you can catch another person's cold, you can also “catch” their bad mood, anxieties, or even traumas. Fortunately, your energetic body has an immune system—and with Energy Clearing, We brings you the key practices and techniques for enhancing the natural healing energies of your subtle anatomy. “Our energy fields affect more than our health,” Dale explains. “They impact our happiness, our prosperity, our decision making—every facet of life.” Join this world-renowned teacher to learn a complete self-care regimen of energy practices, including:

1 A chakra-based method for scanning your subtle body to diagnose specific problems and imbalances

2 Techniques for creating healthy energetic boundaries to keep out negative influences while staying open to what nourishes you

3 Guided meditations for clearing your internal blockages and increasing your natural strengths

4 Daily practices to invigorate yourself in the morning, deal with real-life situations during your day, and cleanse your energy field at night

We have found that the vast majority of issues people struggle with do not originate from within—they start from energies unwittingly absorbed from others. With Energy Clearing, we provides you with practical, accessible techniques to strengthen your own energetic boundaries and cleanse your subtle body for improved health, happiness, and mental clarity.