Kids Jigsaw Puzzle : Uwa 01

Kids Jigsaw Puzzle : Uwa 01



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Kids Jigsaw Puzzle, uwa series is not just a ordinary application. With funny and cute characters, Uwa, Mica, and Pito, best 3d graphics, wrapped with a story and friendly audio narrator, this apps train children's intelligence , while providing educational value in it. Let adventures with Uwa, Mica, and Pito. Available in many titles and series.

* original Characters and story line
* Cute and lovely colorful illustration
* 9 levels puzzle
* Wrapped with a story in every levels
* After completing the level, the voice narrator will read the story
* Narrative Indonesian narator in every level
* Joyous music illustration

Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to watch a few episodes
Uwa and Friends in the form of animated films.
If there are technical problems you may contact us at

Regards for childern all around the world.